Knottingley Town Centre
Location: Knottingley, West Yorkshire UK
Status: Planning Approved
Project: Urban Design Framework
Client: Wakefield Council

The Hilltop area of Knottingley is in need of enhancement. Whilst it plays host to many important local facilities, including shops and supermarkets, takeaways, leisure facilities and social clubs, it is fair to say that it lacks a distinctive ‘sense of place’. Although there are attractive elements, such as the substantial limestone walls, good views to the wider townscape and river, and a few traditional buildings, such as the Town Hall, Hilltop contains a lot of unattractive ‘modern’ buildings, is not particularly pedestrian friendly and suffers from a lack of investment. 
This Urban Design Framework contains an initial analysis of the existing qualities of the Hilltop area of the town and uses this evaluation as the foundation for a series of design-based proposals aimed at preserving and enhancing what is best in this part of Knottingley, whilst also suggesting ways in which its key spaces, buildings and places can be improved.

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